Skin Cancer Innovation Clinical Academic Group (SCIN)

The vision of SCIN CAG is to reduce skin cancer (SC) incidence, morbidity and socioeconomic costs related to SC. It will improve the quality and equality of care for patients and substantially benefit research, education and society through a consolidated interdisciplinary collaboration focussing on Individual Risk Assessment, SC prevention, Precision Diagnostics and Individualised Treatments.

Collaborating on this interdisciplinary effort, SCIN CAG will unite all dermatology departments across the Capital Region of Denmark and Region Zealand and, furthermore, consolidate the multidisciplinary collaboration with transplantation units, plastic surgery and oncology to secure equal care for SC patients.

Skin cancer is the most common cancer globally, with an increasing incidence that is currently higher than for all other cancers combined. Daily, approximately 100 Danes receive a SC diagnosis, and 40 per cent of these will eventually develop additional tumours. Representing approximately 3 per cent of the Danish population, about 150,000 persons are currently affected by the disease nationally, classifying SC as an endemic disease. Sun exposure is the primary risk factor for SC, and despite massive prevention efforts, in Denmark incidence has risen to an estimated 38,500 per year. The costs of SC are consequently substantial, reflected by notable patient morbidity, heavy socioeconomic burdens and significant mortality in immunosuppressed populations.

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