CAG Research in OsteoArthritis Denmark (ROAD)

Around 900,000 Danes suffer from osteoarthritis (OA), and the costs of the condition both with regard to treatment and loss of production are substantial. In Denmark persons with OA pay their GP 2.7 million more visits a year than people without OA. Similarly, persons with OA who are active in the labour market have 3.3 million more sick days a year than other workers. In total, OA-related expenses cost the Danish state DKK 11.5 billion in 2010.

CAG ROAD means to improve the quality of life of persons with OA, which is the second most widespread condition in Denmark next to allergies.

CAG ROAD will increase focus on prevention and develop better treatment for patients. Based on the latest new research-based knowledge CAG ROAD will shed light on the risk factors and disease mechanisms affecting the development of OA.

In light of the demographic development with increased life expectancy and an expected increase in the number of persons with obesity, the number of persons with OA is likely to grow possibly leading to great human and social costs.

In addition, OA has significant socio-economic consequences in the form of treatment costs, handicap, reduced quality of life and lost earnings.

CAG ROAD is a strengthened cross-disciplinary partnership between researchers and clinicians and other professionals within the field of OA. Together they will translate basic and clinical research into improved quality of life for persons with OA.

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