CAG Translational Hematology

About us

The vision of CAG Translational Hematology is to improve the treatment, quality of life and survival for patients with blood cancer.

The focus is initially on acute myeloid leukemia (AML) and myeloid dysplastic syndrome (MDS), with the aim to expand the research to other types of blood cancer.

Our overall goals are to

  • Have an immediate impact on how blood cancer patients are treated today
  • Improve the understanding of genetic, epigenetic and molecular mechanisms leading to blood cancers
  • Suggest new validated targets for the development of anti-cancer therapy
  • Strengthen both the short- and long-term research and clinical management of blood cancer
  • Strengthen collaborations with the pharma industry to develop new drugs for the treatment of blood cancers

Our specific aim is to identify and target blood cancer stem cells. To do this, we have established a platform which enables comprehensive drug screening, which is an important tool to identify the best available treatment for the individual patient, also called precision medicine or personal medicine.

CAG organisation

CAG Translational Hematology was established on an ongoing collaboration on the project ‘Program for Translational Hematology’ (PTH) between leading basic and clinical researchers in the field of blood cancer from Biotech Research & Innovation Centre (BRIC) at University of Copenhagen, Finsenlaboratory, DanStem and Rigshospitalet. At the establishment of CAG Translational Hematology, the collaboration was extended to include the hematological departments at Herlev and Zealand (Roskilde) University Hospital.

Most recently, a grant from the Danish Cancer Society, made it possible to further expand the collaboration to include the hematological departments in all the regions of the country from January 2019. The national collaboration is anchored in the Cancer Research Center for Precision Medicine in Blood Cancers, and the goal is to ensure equal access to personal medicine for all the patients in the country.

Organisation CAG Hematology

In CAG Translational Hematology we will work on improving the translational education and further education of the next generation and present clinicians and scientists in the field of blood cancers.

This we will ensure by including PhD and PostDocs in the various collaborations and offer different courses and workshops.

The overall goal is to ensure the best possible treatment for patients with blood cancer.

Participants across hospitals and universities

Contact us

If your inquiry concerns your symptoms, medical history and treatment, please contact your private doctor.

CAG chairmanship

Key members

  • Kyoung-Jae Won Group Leader (Associate Professor) in Translational Bioinformatics, BRIC, University of Copenhagen
  • Claudia Schöllkopf MD, PhD, Department of Hematology, Herlev Hospital, The Capital Region of Denmark
  • Morten krogh Jensen MD, DMSc, Department of Hematology, Zealand University Hospital, Roskilde, Region Zealand
  • Henrik Sengeløv MD, DMSc, clinical associate professor, Department of Hematology, Rigshospitalet, The Capital Region of Denmark
  • Kim Theilgaard-Mönch Associate professor, group leader, MD, DMSc, The Finsen Laboratory, Rigshospitalet, The Capital Region of Denmark
  • Bo Porse Professor in Molecular Oncology, Department of Clinical Medicine, University of Copenhagen

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