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The purpose of CAG Allergy is to reduce the increasing number of patients suffering from allergic diseases including eczema, asthma, and rhinitis as well as food and drug allergy.

The CAG will solve this major challenge by ground-breaking research concerning early diagnosis, new individualized treatments and by creating a new holistic approach to patient care.


he national health authorities recently documented a 75 % increase in the number of patients treated or diagnosed with allergy in the hospital system in the Capital Region.


llergy affects all age groups, may be life-long, and have major implications by reducing patient’s quality of life and increasing occurrence of cardiac, psychiatric, and autoimmune comorbidities.


llergy often results in disability and shortened life expectancy.


he socio-economic expenses to allergic diseases are considerable.

CAG organisation

The core of the CAG consists of leading experts from general practice and 5 specialties involved in treating allergic patients joined with high profiled basic research units in immunology and working across sectors in the health care system.

The strong structure of the CAG provides an optimal environment for pioneering research, and will attract international researchers and funding. It will pave the way for transforming clinic practice to meet the needs of future patients at the right level of expertise from the start.


The work will be linked up to new educational initiatives with the specific aims of increasing knowledge and recruiting new scientists and clinicians to develop the field in creative synergy and enhance our basis for international competitiveness.

Participants across hospitals and universities

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If your inquiry concerns your symptoms, medical history and treatment, please contact your private doctor.

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