CAG Prognostication of Acute Recovery Capacity
– in an Aging Population

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The ACUTE-CAG vision is to improve acute healthcare for older and frail multimorbid patients with chronic diseases and polypharmacy.

More than 1 million in 1.3 million hospital admissions per year in Denmark are acute, and 70 per cent concern elders, making emergency departments (EDs) a hub for opportunistic risk screening and interventions in a time-to-treat perspective if we are to improve health outcomes and contain healthcare costs in an ageing population. Approximately 50 per cent of elders above the age of 65 suffer from health conditions that limit their ability to function and work full-time.

The onset of acute illness in the multimorbid elderly population is often complicated by competing acute and chronic conditions and polypharmacy, resulting in increased risk of adverse reactions to pharmaceuticals and other therapeutic choices.

Only a few mechanistic or interventional studies are initiated from the onset of acute illness due to logistical difficulties at the busy EDs with their 24-hour patient flow. Consequently, despite recommendations and political ambitions, acute multimorbid elders are rarely treated and investigated as a group.

The CAG aims to solve this societal and healthcare challenge by investigating non-disease-specific measures and implementation of multimorbid treatment strategies from a translational approach that includes multiple clinical disciplines, mathematics and sciences and collaborations with social-political-economics researchers of benefit to education and the development of viable solutions.

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