CAG Physical Activity and Sport in Clinical Medicine (imPAct)

CAG Physical Activity and Sport in Clinical Medicine aims to initiate translational research activity to directly couple laboratory and clinical research groups within physical activity. Our activities and collaboration will all together lead to a cross-fertilization of disciplines across hospitals and university faculties/institutes. In addition, it will increase the synergy between research, clinical activity, and education within the area of physical activity in prevention, disease treatment and rehabilitation.

Regular physical activity has beneficial effects in the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases. Further, physical activity can improve the treatment and rehabilitation in patients after trauma and injury, and prevent future musculoskeletal disorders. Yet, the use of physical activity in daily clinical medical practice is very limited.

  • We will facilitate the possibility of connecting theoretical researchers directly with clinical departments
  • We will create a better formalized academic coupling of research active clinicians to the experimental milieus
  • We involve co-supervision of PhD students between experimental and clinical research groups
  • WE will expand the medical study curriculum for physical activity

Physical inactivity and sedentary behavior is the new public health challenge, and considered responsible for 40 million deaths worldwide each year and include four major disease types (cardiovascular, cancers, respiratory and diabetes.)

The role of physical activity in complex diseases is not fully elucidated, and the interplay between physical activity and pharmacological treatment is poorly understood. Further, the medical study curriculum only contains very sporadic information about the effect of physical activity on the sick body, but this should be integrated into the education.

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