CAG Precision Diagnostics in Cardiology

Top researchers and clinicians from the University of Copenhagen and the highly specialized cardiac units at the Capital Region of Denmark have joined forces to reduce morbidity and mortality of heart diseases.

With CAG Precision Diagnostics in Cardiology, we have created a unique research collaboration which strives to ensure more efficient and accurate diagnostics and individualized treatment of cardiac patients.

Precision diagnostics is a prerequisite for offering precision therapy and eventually offering personalized medicine. Gradually, several “omics” technologies (genomics, proteomics, metabolomics etc.) will be combined with clinical and registry data for most cardiac patients in the Region.

Cardiology is an area that includes a large number of patients who, even with treatment, still have significant morbidity and mortality due to their heart disease. Almost half a million Danes suffer from heart diseases and 1 in 4 across the population die from a cardiac cause.

Presently applied work- up strategies in cardiology generally lead to rather unspecific diagnoses and correspondingly we provide unprecise “one-size- fits-all” therapies. This applies to ischemic heart disease, myocardial diseases, arrhythmia, and congenital heart diseases and for acute management in emergency rooms.

There has been a tremendous – and fast growing – increase in our understanding of cardiac diseases at the molecular and cellular levels not the least achieved through advances in genetics. This actionable knowledge has not yet been translated into the clinic.

With the CAG Precision Diagnostics in Cardiology, we ensure the transfer and implementation of the rapidly increasing knowledge of cardiovascular disease.

CAG Precision Diagnostics in Cardiology is intended to carry out a major teaching and dissemination task regarding personal medicine in the heart area.

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