CAG in Cancer immunotherapy (CAGci)

One in every three Danes contracts cancer at some point in their lives, and just under 285,000 Danes live with a cancer diagnosis. In Denmark the one-year survival rate for cancer is 75 % for men and 77 % for women.

CAGci seeks to improve treatment with immunotherapy for cancer patients to ensure that more cancer patients survive their disease.

Immunotherapy represents a significant breakthrough in cancer treatment, and new forms of immunotherapy are rapidly being approved for treatment of still more forms of cancer. The new treatment options indicate that far more patients, even where the disease has spread, can become survivors of cancer.
Immunotherapy is based on the immune system’s ability to detect and kill cancer cells and will lead to changes in most, if not all, forms of cancer treatment over the next few years.

However, the implementation of new forms of immunotherapy has been so rapid that many clinicians face pressing questions and challenges with regards to treatment. The overall aim of CAGci is to develop evidence-based clinical solutions to these challenges and to offer evidence-based training of health staff in cancer immunotherapy.

Further development within immunotherapy will require greater knowledge exchange and collaboration between clinicians and researchers. CAGci has established a strong research-clinical partnership organisation between universities and hospitals in the Capital Region of Denmark. By strengthening the cross-institutional and cross-disciplinary knowledge exchange between clinicians and researchers within cancer immunotherapy CAGci will be able to explore the potential of immunotherapy of benefit to patients, their relatives and society.

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