GCHSP is financed by the Capital Region of Denmark, Region Zealand, Technical University of Denmark and the University of Copenhagen. Together the organisations have granted 41,4 mio. DKK from 2019-2023.

During the first two years, each CAG is allocated 0,5 mio. DKK a year and have the opportunity to apply for further 0,5 mio. DKK for a third year.

In addition the CAG receives 450,000 DKK annually for a three-year period for the enrollment of one PhD student a year. This means that the CAG itself has to raise funding to cover the remaining expenses for PhD students.

Subsequently the CAG construction is expected to attract external funding. GCHSP is working on several levels strategically to strengthen cooperation with several major funds and the EU and to increase knowledge of the CAG construction.

Is it possible to divide the 450,000 DKK a year for enrollment of three PhD students into smaller portions?

Each CAG is expected to supplement the amount with additional funds, to finance a least one PhD student per year. If a CAG wants to allocate the funds for PhD enrollment in smaller amounts in order to allow a greater number of enrollments, that is possible in agreement with the GCHSP secretariat.

What should the grant be used for?

The grant that the individual CAG receives is primarily intended to initiate basic professional cooperation actions that form the core of the CAG. It is the intention that the individual CAG will subsequently be able to attract a high degree of external funding as a contribution to research, education and clinical activities.

How is the grant paid?

If your group is appointed CAG, you will receive a letter of formal notice from GCHSP in which the practice of the grant is described.
The grant will be transferred to one of the CAG managers’ accounts at either the Capital Region of Denmark, Region Zealand, Technical University of Denmark or the University of Copenhagen. The CAG management must keep the GCHSP director regularly informed of the use of the appropriation and the progress in the CAG.

Where can the PhD students enroll?

The PhD students must be enrolled at the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Copenhagen or at the Technical University of Denmark.