CAGs receive millions in funding

3 CAGs have received 5,952,995 million from the research foundation for health research of the Capital Region of Denmark. The grant will support the joint strategic initiative within the field of translational collaboration between the Capital Region of Denmark and the University of Copenhagen – CHSP.

The CAG funding strengthens the patient-oriented research in the 3 CAGs, which will enhance both research and patient care, as well as raising the level of education among students and health care professionals.

Strengthened CHSP-cooperation

The appropriations emphasizes a strong focus on translational research and the willingness to invest further in the collaboration between the Capital Region of Denmark and University of Copenhagen, known as Copenhagen Health Science Partners (CHSP). CHSP, with its four clinical academic groups (CAGs) is a joint strategic initiative and the award of grants takes place at the same time, the partnership has announced an expansion of a number of new CAGs.

The CAGs represents the strengths of the translational research

The funds for health research is earmarked for projects that benefit the patient treatment today and in the future. In this regard, the translational research, which CAGs represent, plays an important role for better and faster treatment of patients. The CAGs consists of both basal researchers and clinicians in the hospitals. This is to pave the way for a shorter path from the research laboratory to the clinical practice at the hospitals. Likewise, the research comes closer to the patient-oriented environment and can thus meet the new needs in the health care system.

Grants for CHSP CAGs

Read more about the CAGs

See call for applications for new CAGs in CHSP

  • The Capital Region’s Research Foundation for Health Research has granted a total of DKK 18.6 million, among other things, for
    major strategic research initiatives and research within the emerging fields of research.
  • The Capital Region has received a total of 108 applications in 2017. Of these, 14 projects received a grant. The grant recipients are assessed by an independent assessment committee of active researchers.
  • All GAG has received funding via ‘Delpulje 1: Large-scale projects within health research’. The funding is awarded to strategic research in the Capital Region of Denmark. 9 projects out of 30 applications have received funding.
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